Advising clients on experimental design, novel technologies, emerging companies and best in class enabling technologies:

  • Trial Design
  • Discovery Studies
  • Validation Studies
  • Tailored platforms for subject testing
  • Understanding complex PK, PD and  biomarker data
  • Analysis of best strategies for predictive biomarkers and companion diagnostics  discovery and development
  • Facilitating networking with experts and other organizations

Examples of strategies we can help with:

  • Expected success of immune oncology approaches and company valuation
  • Unleashing pre-existing immunity with immunotherapy
  • Converting silent into immune active tumors
  • Understanding the immune environment
  • Effective therapeutic choices tailored to the specific biology of individual cancers
  • Systemic effects of therapy
  • On target effects of therapy
  • Germline influence on immune responsiveness
  • Germline alteration and immune responsiveness