Because of the complexity of immune oncology, without superb expertise, oversight and experimental design, extending the success of existing immune oncology treatments into the larger solid tumor market is extremely challenging.   Thus, the ability to provide meaningful consulting services to the immunotherapy community requires senior leadership with extensive experience.  TICA Group, LLC and its extensive network of international scientists provides such services.  The TICA Group, LLC understands the needs, goals, challenges and opportunities inherent in the immunotherapy space.


The TICA GROUP, LLC is committed to leveraging your technology to geometrically expand the efficiency and results of clinical research in tumor immunology.  As consultants solely focused on immune oncology, we can provide novel strategies to unleash new approaches to expanding your program into new indications and accelerate product development.


Checkpoint inhibitor therapy and several other immune oncology approaches such as adoptive cellular therapy and metabolic inhibitors have shown promising results in specific oncologic indications. However, immune resistance is common and most patients do not benefit. The reasons for resistance are diverse and peculiar to distinct immune landscapes.  Overseen by Dr. Francesco Marincola, TICA Group LLC provides consulting services tailored to the tumor immunology community.