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SITC Meeting

SITC’s 30th Anniversary Annual Meeting & Associated Programs: TICA Group, LLC will have a booth at this year’s Annual Meeting from November 4 – November 8, 2015. Drs. Lander and Ichim will be available for strategy planning and discussions on how to best address your clinical research needs. SITC Information
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Immunotherapy Advances

Checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T Cell therapy and gene therapy have changed the landscape of cancer treatment. Imagine the difference of where we were 5 years ago versus what can be offered now. Imagine where we will be 5 years from now – plan your 5 year strategy accordingly and make sure
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Clinical Research Organizations and Immunotherapy

Clinical trials for immunotherapy are so different from conventional clinical trials that choosing the correct CRO is critical. This will allow you to ensure you get the right patient population stratified, your samples are analyzed in a manner that not only allows you to identify well-chosen endpoints but allows you
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